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Web Agency Specialising in Custom Design, Build & Web Copy

Who we are

We are a freelance web duo, specialising in WordPress and WooCommerce website and Shopify eCommerce stores. We provide UX, custom design  and website build and web copy services, managing your project from end to end and provide ongoing training and support.

UX, Web Designer


UX, Web Designer & Developer

Dean has been designing and developing way back in the time before websites were responsive, you can do the maths 😉 He has been working in WordPress for the last 12 years and designs clean, user friendly websites and loves his dog!

UX, Designer, Developer


UX, Designer, Developer & Copywriter

Ken has been a co-designer for Themify for the last year and a half and has been in the web business for the last 8 years starting off in project management then moving into UX, design and web development. Ken designs and develops clean UX based websites and loves Nirvana!

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