M Freelance Design’s Ken Mah Before & After Joining Themify

Before Themify: The Early Beginnings

I come from an advertising background as a creative over 10 years ago. When digital really came into play in the ad world, I started moving more towards the web area as a triple role in agencies as a creative/project manager & UX designer. I have worked on government, creative agency, and non-profit sites usually designed in Photoshop and later converted to WordPress.

I then went out with friends as an outsourced freelance group, all of us from global advertising, web agency networks and boutique agencies offering clients full service. Essentially: creative, concept, design and digital assets including websites and Facebook apps. We have won international awards as a freelance team and work with agency partners as well as small to medium sized businesses now.

Joining Themify:

Here is the little twist we mentioned earlier. The themes I used for Delightfully Raw and AngelsHope are the Ultra skins I designed for Nick, the Founder of Themify. How did that come about you ask? Themify sends out weekly newsletters and one newsletter mentioned that they were looking for a designer. I replied to the email with my folio and the rest is history. It has been really great working for Themify. Nick gives great direction and knows exactly what he is looking for as he is an amazing designer himself, which also makes communication so much easier. When designing for Themify I use very different styles to when designing for a client site. Themes need to be different to stand out in the market, however when I design sites for clients using Themify’s themes, I take into account first and foremost usability. This to me means clean simplicity. In essence a super easy to follow layout. Working for Themify gives me the freedom to really explore different layout styles and ideas that I wouldn’t get a chance to do in my other freelance work, which is great for creative expression.


Ken Mah – How Themify is The Future for Web Designers

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